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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question on the list, let us know!


May I watch a practice before I join?

Yes! Prospective members are encouraged to watch or try out a class or two. However, please contact us in advance so that we are expecting you.

Do you offer trial memberships?

We offer one-month memberships for those who may not be sure whether our training is right for them. After one month, you will know for sure. The four-month and one-year memberships afford a significant reduction in cost, and are designed for those training on an ongoing basis.

Can I get a membership refund?

As we commit in advance to securing training space (our primary operational expense), we cannot offer membership refunds. If you are unsure about your ability to train consistently, a one-month membership is recommended.

Do you offer children's classes?

We do not currently offer separate classes for children. Our members are primarily adults, although students 13 and older are welcome.


Is it possible to participate in the meditation sessions only?

Yes! Meditation sessions may be attended on a drop-in basis for $5/session. They are also included as a benefit for supporting members. If you are planning to drop in for meditation, please let us know in advance so we can let you know the exact sit schedule for that day.

What do I wear to practice?

Practice is generally conducted barefoot, and a taekwondo uniform is required after your first week of training. Until you have a uniform, comfortable workout clothes are sufficient. Shoes (taekwondo shoes or other lightweight indoor training shoe) are optional and may be helpful for some trainees–inquire in practice about options. For zazen, wear your taekwondo uniform or comfortable clothes that allow for cross-legged sitting.

Will I need any other equipment?

Taekwondo: You will ultimately want to acquire protective equipment for free sparring, but this is not required for beginners.
Zazen: You will need a cushion to sit on. Cushions can be either the traditional zafu or improvised (folded hogu, yoga block, etc.) We are often able to provide improvised cushions, but for consistency of practice your own zafu is recommended.

Can I attain rank through DC Taekwondo?

Yes: DC Taekwondo holds rank exams for gup levels (below 1 Dan, black belt) approximately three times each year. Dan level exams are arranged as needed, and Kukkiwon certification is provided for our members.

I already have a taekwondo rank. What belt should I wear?

We generally recognize gup-level ranks from other taekwondo programs, although we may require you wear a different rank based on differences in curriculum. Black belts must have Kukkiwon certification in order to wear their rank. Feel free to contact us regarding your specific situation.

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