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Taekwondo in the Rio Olympics

The taekwondo competition in Rio will feature two firsts: electronic headgear and uniform pants in national colors. http://www.worldtaekwondofederation.net/taekwondo-athletes-to-compete-in-national-colors-at-rio-2016-for-first-time/ 7/24/16: Some pants designs...

Zazen Posture and Process

Here’s a good discussion of the relationships among posture, breathing, and the training goals of zazen. One important detail: note that the “straight” back in zazen is the same as the body position in taekwondo’s upright stances.
Dan exam results

Dan exam results

Congratulations to the following DCTKD and RVATKD members on passing their recent exam in RVA on 11/1. Good work all around! Yosef Gebremariam (1 Dan) Jocelyn Roberts (3 Dan) Danielle Fumagalli (4 Dan) Drew Cahoon (4 Dan)