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Calendar Spring Workouts Begin Jan 13!
January 15 — Get ready for the spring semester. In the meantime, sign-up for myDCTKD to be notified immediately via e-mail about all updates and special announcements.
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Calendar Zazen Meditation Session
January 15 — New this semester: a zazen meditation session is available on Friday afternoons at 4pm in SPH B119. This will consist of a structured 30-45 minute sit. Feel free to use this session to complement your regular training — all are welcome. Let us know if you have questions.


Important! Taekwondo Club Video!
May 15 — This is a video documentary about the Taekwondo Club for an academic class project by a GW student. Check it out!
Go to: Taekwondo Club video (4:25)


Buy Textbooks & Supplies = Support the TKD Club! Buy books & supplies / Support the TKD Club!
August 14 — Support the club by buying your textbooks, supplies, music, computer gear, & more through our Amazon link. The club receives a small commission with every purchase ?every little bit helps to fund club special events and activities. Save $$: up to 30% on thousands of new titles; up to 90% on millions of used textbooks. Just click the link below to start shopping.
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Important! Campus Advisories / Closures
August 24 — GWTKD will not hold practice if the university is closed for any reason. As much as we are able, we send out email updates via your myDCTKD email on file (register today!). Official university notices can be found at:
Go to: GWU Campus Advisories
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New! RSS Feed
January 18 — We have now implemented an RSS feed for use with your browser or aggregator. This feed is a convenient way to keep up-to-date with the club activities and training opportunities.
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Most Recent Links
Check out these new and updated links in our Links Section:
Wrestling wriggles out of Olympic headlock and gets back into Games (The Guardian) (9/17/13)
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The Top 10 Lau Kar-leung Movies (Crave Online) (8/23/13)
MMA Is Changing the Fight Culture in Hollywood, One Armbar at a Time (8/20/13)
The Greatest Martial Arts Fight Scene Ever Filmed (Business Insider) (8/19/13)
What Hollywood could learn from the classic kung-fu films (The Telegraph) (8/18/13)
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Schedule Information
Have you read these annotations yet?
"Brief Synopsis of the History of Kendo, The"
Bruce Lee Story, The
Bruce Lee, Volume 1: Words of the Dragon
Bruce Lee, Volume 2: Tao of Gung Fu
Bruce Lee, Volume 3: Jeet Kune Do
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Remember: your purchase through Amazon helps the club with much needed funding for
special events and activities.

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