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"How do I join?"

Membership in the GW Taekwondo Club is open to all residents of the DC-Metro area. In order to join, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact the club
    Contact To Be Announced, the club president at , and let him know you want to join the club. He will be happy to meet you prior to a regularly scheduled workout to complete your registration.
  2. Medical Insurance
    Prior to this meeting, you must obtain medical insurance (if you haven’t already done so) and bring proof of your medical insurance with you when you register. Saying that you have it, but forgot it at home, doesn’t work. The university requires that all participants in the club have medical insurance and we cannot ignore this requirement; noone is exempt.

    Students can obtain insurance from their parents or through the university. In either case, proof of insurance must be provided at the time of registration.
  3. Waivers
    All club members and prospective club members are required to submit a completed waiver prior to participating in any club workouts.
    •   GWU Students, Faculty, and Staff GWU On-line Waiver
         Complete and submit the on-line waiver for GW students, faculty, and staff only.
    •   Non-GWU members GWU Waiver
         Download this PDF file, print, complete, and turn in to either the president or treasurer.

  4. Fee Changes
    Please note that the Athletics Department is now charging non-GW affiliated club participants for access to Lloyd Gym. The non-student dues structure for the summer will be as follows:

    GW student dues are unchanged: $40/semester w/ valid GW student-ID

    GW faculty and staff dues are unchanged: $60/semester

    Community members have Two New Fee Options:
    $60 dues + $2/gym visit    — OR —    $90 in advance, all included

    You may pay via cash or check (payable to "Taekwondo Club"). Your membership fee is valid for one semester.
  5. Final Details
    Arrive at the class location at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled club hours on the day agreed upon with the club president. At this time, you will be requested to pay the membership fee and provide proof of insurance.

    All members must create an account with myDCTKD in order to be on the club email announcement list and to register for all promotion tests.

Other Items

  • Yellow belts and above
    Because of the current restructuring of the United States Taekwondo Union (USTU) by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the Taekwondo Club is waiving the requirement for club members to register with the USTU.
  • Black Belts
    In order to wear your black belt during club workouts, you must provide a copy of your WTF/USTU dan certificate in advance. This requirement is essential in order to have your dan rank recognized. Also, only V-neck, white doboks (no patches) are allowed. If your dan rank was issued by another organization, or if you have other questions, contact Master Brian Wright at .
  • Uniform
    Within two weeks of joining, you will be required to obtain the essential equipment, the taekwondo uniform, or dobok. The uniform costs $23 and is available directly from the club. You may also purchase your dobok from another source, but it must be the V-neck style and will probably cost more. With proper care, this important piece of equipment should last well for two semesters.

That’s it! You’re ready to begin.

Additional Questions?

  • Read the FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contact us via email :
    Contact us at any time with any questions that you may have.

  • See Our Slideshows : Taekwondo Club Slideshows
    See our slideshows of activities the club members sponsor and participate.

  • Visit us in person during our regular workouts : Taekwondo Club Schedule
    The best way of finding out what the club is really like, however, is to visit us during class time and watch firsthand. See you soon!


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special events and activities.

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